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Thursday, January 28, 2010


So I got my monsters back from Kooky and some of them have been relisted in my shop. It's a new decade since I last posted, and this year feels great. Last year was definitely a transition year, with my job and personal life. I started the New Year off right this year surrounded by good friends and laughing the whole time. Sometimes you need a year I guess, to feel solid and strong again. 2009 was all about reconnecting with old friends I had let fall by the wayside and now that I have wonderful people in my life again I have gone into this year with a wonderful emotional support system.
I also finished my play the first week of the new year that I started last spring. I am so thrilled and excited to have created something longer than ten minutes. It feels great.
I am proud of my rebuilding efforts of my life. They paid off. Last New Years to this one is unbelievable different- who would've thought? And my life is so much better for it.

I have new monster babes that will be listed in the shop in the upcoming week. For now check out the relistings! :)

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