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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some More Masterpieces of the Harris Clan

This work of art is colored by Ray Harris. He and Thud are good pals.

This one is colored by yours truly.

This is my Dad's. I drew a sailor monster just for him! So cute!

My mom thought out of the box and colored the copyright page, go Mom!

You can color your own Zerumpees too!! Just go the my web site www.zerumpees.etsy.com.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

End of my Vaca...

Today I went to the bookstore with my Dad and he bought me a few books on finances and one on starting your own LLC and writing a business plan. I am going to get an LLC for my Zerumpees line and begin writing my business plan for my plush store that I would like to open in five years. I'm super excited! I know that it would do so well in Chicago. I just want to wait out the economy for a little bit, save up some of my own money and get everything organized first.
I sent out my plush for the team swap today and I am really excited for her to receive it. It's really cute and I tried to adhere to most of her survey answers. It should get there around Thursday.
I sold two more monsters in my shop! They will all be sent out on Monday A.M. to go to their new homes! I hope to sell five more before Christmas!
Alright- off to make some mac and cheese! yum.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Vacation News

SO I had one wonderful sale so far on my vacation, from a frequent buyer, that I truly appreciate. I will be coming home this weekend and sending him out pronto to his new home :)
It's been really nice and relaxing to be back home. I'm going to visit a friend tonight then tomorrow I have to create my plush for the Etsy Plush Team Holiday Swap! I'm really excited. I went out and bought the materials today. I think it will turn out super cute.
In other news, the theatre company I am a part of now has a website being built. You can see it in action here: www.resonantstheatre.wordpress.com
We're buying a domain name soon. A head shot of yours truly will be up next week, unless I can find one in an email or something. But the first guy on there is my boyfriend, so be sure to check him out! :)

Have a good night!