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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Experimenting with new backgrounds

I am experimenting with a new background for my photos. One that will be consistent, vibrant in color, and inviting to customers. I really liked this that I came up with and was sure it would get some more views when I renewed my item. So far I have only gotten 1 view. Granted it has been about 5 minutes, but I thought there would be more. I will see how this goes, how many new viewers I get, hearts etc. before I decide to convert all of my photos. To renew all my items besides the ones that are already reserved it will only cost me $3.8 so I guess that isn't that bad.
I will know in the next few weeks how much I will need to work my butt off for the show in August. if I am cast in a summer stock program I will obviously have to get all my monsters done this semester for the show. I am thinking at least fifty monsters. It is going to be the best feeling to walk into that gallery and see it filled with my creatures. I cannot wait. I'm going with my family, possibly my boyfriend if he has the time and money. It will be amazing.

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