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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

In a Gallery Far Far Away!

I just sent seven monsters to Kismet Gallery in NY. My shop hasn't had a sale in a couple weeks so I decided to send some guys away where people can see the cuties in person. They sell really well there, even though they are a little more expensive. But I made sure I put little tags with them with their individual descriptions, favorite colors, favorite foods. Because those are the things people love about unique, hand made toys. The imagination and care that goes into each one. The picture above is Jimmy Jack and here is his description:
Jimmy Jack is a professional monster model and is very well known in the monster celebrity world. He is wearing a hand knit wool scarf and designer hand sewn jeans. He never wears shirts in hopes to impress the female monster models. He enjoys dates and steak dinners. He has recently been seen modeling for the new Calvin Klein cologne "Monster Encounter" and would like nothing more than his own runway in his new home to model all of his designer labels for you.
Check out my shop for monsters that are still available. Remember shipping is free for U.S.

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