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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Name Change

Apparently I am competition for UglyDolls and they are afraid of little old me stealing all their customers. They accused me of copyright infringement for having the name UglyPrettyThings. To avoid any legal mess or confusion I have decided to change my shop and brand name. UglyPrettyThings which was first implemented because I carried both monsters and pretty knitted goods will now be changed to Zerumpees, a species of monsters from the planet Zerump, which is referenced in many of their little bios. I am in the process of getting my etsy name changed and hopefully that will be done in the next few days. I guess when big companies spark an interest and consider you competition that can only be a good thing. On with the hand made! Down with mass production. People want things that are unique and one of a kind. I put love and thought into every one of my monsters. No two are the same. Ever. Each has a different name, personality and story. That's why people buy my product and that is why people turn to etsy.

1 comment:

Mr Crammed said...

That is SO stupid. I'm going to blog about this. It's totally unjust and ridiculous.

Ugly Dolls PISS me off. Ugh.