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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

New Vintage Jelly and 365 Day update...

A hiatus was taken from my 365 day project. My mom came in town and I stayed downtown with her and then flew back home..but now I am back. Here are some updates:

Day 3: Steela...she found a new home at the Renegade Craft Fair

Day 4: Gerald...He also found a home at the Renegade Craft Fair

Day 5: Abraham...adopted by a lovely needle felter at Renegade

Day 6: Vintage Jelly...he will be listed in my store tomorrow morning. He is created with a fabulous courd fabric and braided recycled sari-silk tentacles.

You crazy little jelly!
<3 Emma


abbydid said...

I'm glad someone adopted Gerald, I so nearly snatched him up myself!

Zerumpees said...

aww yay. I am glad too!