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Saturday, December 6, 2008

End of my Vaca...

Today I went to the bookstore with my Dad and he bought me a few books on finances and one on starting your own LLC and writing a business plan. I am going to get an LLC for my Zerumpees line and begin writing my business plan for my plush store that I would like to open in five years. I'm super excited! I know that it would do so well in Chicago. I just want to wait out the economy for a little bit, save up some of my own money and get everything organized first.
I sent out my plush for the team swap today and I am really excited for her to receive it. It's really cute and I tried to adhere to most of her survey answers. It should get there around Thursday.
I sold two more monsters in my shop! They will all be sent out on Monday A.M. to go to their new homes! I hope to sell five more before Christmas!
Alright- off to make some mac and cheese! yum.

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