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Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy Halloween! Week 4

Here are my lovely five monsters for week 4 of my monster project. I know I missed a few weeks. Please forgive. Small personal crises are always sure to throw you off your game. I have yet to carve my pumpkin, just getting them last night. I work until 9 today so I think I will carve it when I get home. Interesting fact: when I was little we always used to paint our pumpkins. I thought this was normal/what everyone did. It was really fun to paint them. I would do that...but I don't have any paints.

I still need to add two monsters from the last batch into my store. I will make sure I add all of these guys this week. My days off this week are Thursday and Saturday, which is good so I can upload the new ones for week 5 on Saturday.

I made this cute little Christmas one. Figured I should make one early if I am going to so that he can sell for Holiday decor. One week I think I will just make ornaments. It's crazy, because ornaments and my key chains seem like they wouldn't take a lot of time, but they do! I think because they are so small and not stretchy like socks. Working with socks is like working with clay sometimes. You can definitely shape it easily to do what you want to do.

"I'm good at being uncomfortable so I can't stop changing all of the time."-Fiona Apple

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