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Thursday, September 24, 2009

260 Monsters Project

Okay. I have modified my last failed project for good reason. Monsters are not like one page plays that Suzan Lori Parks wrote. I can't necessarily make them anywhere without preparation. So instead of a monster a day I will be making five a week, totaling 260 a year. Ideally if this were my only job I would be making five or more a day, but that is not reality yet. I get busy, work, cooking, plans with friends and I think this project will allow for more flexibility and I wont feel bad if I don't make one on a certain day. So five a week. This can span out over 7 days, or make multiple in one day. I will make a post each week with pictures of the five creatures along with their numbers.
I just started reading Julie & Julia and I love it so far! It got me thinking again about a project that will keep me motivated and keep me producing. Because only good things can come from this. If I want steady sales I need steady production. So this is my plan! I am sticking to it and I know certain people, like Grant ;), will make me stick to it as well.
<3 Emma


Chelsea said...

I could send Pan to keep you on track. No monsters? He'll have to eat YOU for dinner! +Chelsea

pepper said...

what a great idea! i find that creating can fall by the wayside too, when there's so much going on. good luck! also i love your blog, so many cute critters :)
x Pepper