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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Five Monsters for 9/20-26

Alright, so last week wasn't a full week since I started this project in the middle of it. But I was able to complete five monsters! I made the two sock monsters earlier in the week and then yesterday went to Hancock Fabrics and saw these wonderful plaid flannels. I thought they were so warm and cozy and perfect for fall. I wanted to make one type of monster for all three with corresponding color schemes. I was racking my brain for design ideas and then finally decided to re create my design that I gave to my brother last year, Thud. He is also one of the pages of my coloring books. Their names all rhyme with Thud since they are related. If these turn out to be popular I will make more.

This is Bud. Bud enjoys carving pumpkins with his teeth, gravy Monster soup on Fall days, and curling up to watch his favorite horror flicks. He is very messy, but resourceful. His home is built out of trash and recyclables, simply because he never wants to clean up! If you love messes and Halloween activities then Bud is the monster for you!

Fud is a little slow. He likes to take walks around his yard to see if there are any birds. Usually his loud steps scare them away, but every once in a while he will see one and get very happy. He loves Jelly doughnuts and would eat them all day if he could, but he is only allowed two a day. He is frightened of ghost stories and all things scary, so if you are watching a scary movie hold him tight!

Jud loves camping in the wild outdoors. He loves to wrestle bears, alligators and spiders. He has never lost a wrestling match and will challenge anyone who gets in the way of his camping. He loves chili, monster football and camp fires. He likes getting his hands dirty so be prepared to keep up with him!

Dorothy is sick and tired of other monsters telling her what to do, even when they aren't. She is tired of your lip even when you haven't said anything and she will let you know! Dorothy loves to play on playgrounds and push other monsters in the dirt, hunt for buried treasures and keep them all to herself, and of course always eat the last monster cookie on the plate. She will provide many hours of entertainment if you can handle her sassy attitude.

Tom is such a nice guy. When he isn't visiting his grandma on the weekends he can be found playing a game of Monster kick ball in his neighborhood. He is always polite and lets others go first. He loves all sports, Italian cuisine and collecting interesting pencils. He says the pencils bring him good luck on his tests at school. Adopt him today if you want a little sweet monster in your family!

Have a great Sunday!

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